“My motivation has always been that environment matters to creativity.”

George Scheer, 36, Community Art Facilitator

As a kid, George Scheer frequented Greensboro, becoming a staple in his grandmother’s famous 3-story thrift shop. Today, George is the co-founder and director of Elsewhere, a living art museum and artist residency set inside his grandmother’s former beloved thrift shop.

Elsewhere invites artists from all over the world to work with materials from the former store to create new pieces in a constantly-transforming environment.

“My motivation has always been that environment matters to creativity and if we are going to have a more creative and engaged community, we need a more vibrant, thoughtful environment to work in. Elsewhere is one manifestation of that,” he says.

The museum hosts about 50 artists per year and over 10,000 visitors. The project aims to foster a collaborative culture through art and civic projects while partnering with several local organizations including multiple interactive educational programs. George focuses on connecting global artists with his Greensboro neighbors to stimulate a broader dialogue on artistic growth and expression to create a culturally authentic arts community.

“Elsewhere brings artists from all over into a local treasure – or local junk store – and transforms it into this centerpiece for Greensboro’s artists and those from all over the world,” he says.

George remains very involved in the community, particularly through public arts groups, in the ongoing conversation surrounding Greensboro’s growth and artistic resurgence. He advocates for a plan to strategically sustain the breath of Greensboro’s vibrant arts culture as it continues to grow.

As for George, he and Elsewhere are here to stay, and they have signed a 40-year lease to prove it.

“The idea of having a dedicated space for artists to live and work downtown is a tremendous asset as our community grows,” he says.

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