“My creative life is here. I didn’t have to move to Nashville or New York because I can do good work here.”

Laurelyn Dossett, 55, Singer and Songwriter

Greensboro singer/songwriter Laurelyn Dossett writes music that reflects stories of the region and explores our humanity.

“As humans, our interactions with each other are ultimately what we care about, whether it’s work, love, parenting or, as a community, trying to lift each other up,” says Laurelyn.

For the second year in a row, she is organizing and will perform at the “Songs of Hope & Justice” concert at the 76th National Folk Festival in downtown Greensboro, September 9-11.

“Songs of Hope & Justice” honors the tradition of folk music that focuses on protest, social justice and labor issues. The tradition serves as a testament to the role of music in society as an art form harnessed with the power to reflect and address social and political conditions.

In addition to the National Folk Festival performance, Laurelyn will have a role in the Triad Stage original production of “Beautiful Star: An Appalachian Nativity” this year. She wrote the score 10 years ago and has been music director since then, but for the first time, she will take the stage alongside a cast of musicians and actors.

“I will be singing the songs that I have been directing other people to sing for years.”

Laurelyn has enjoyed working with the cast. “I really like the collaboration between the musicians and the actors,” she says. “Often, actors work with actors and musicians work with musicians, so when we’re all together in the storytelling role we feed off of each other and it’s really exciting.”

The singer/songwriter has had quite a successful career. Laurelyn has become one of the most sought-after voices in creative collaborations, and is a frequent performer at regional music festivals such as Merlefest. She has toured with folk legend Alice Gerrard, singer Rhiannon Giddens, and written and performed with the North Carolina Symphony. She has partnered with Triad Stage’s Preston Lane on six plays based on regional folklore, incorporating original music. Her work has received national acclaim and she is the recipient of numerous awards. And, she’s done it all from right here in Greensboro.


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