“Greensboro has crafted a beer culture and it’s allowing us to grow.”

Patrick Sanecki, 34, and Niels Larsen, 45, Co-owners of Tap Hopper Tours

Greensboro’s craft beer scene is hopping. If only there was a way to hop on a comfortable, air-conditioned bus and take a tour of the breweries, sample some beer and hang out with like-minded people at each location.

That’s exactly what Patrick Sanecki and Niels Larsen, friends and co-owners of Tap Hopper Tours, offer.

Just a few years ago, Patrick and Niels were on a craft brewery tour in Florida and it hit them that this is exactly what Greensboro needs.

“Once we decided to go full-speed ahead and open Tap Hopper Tours, it only took us about three months to get started. In August of 2016 we started our first tours and since then, we’ve been busy. We change stops every week and typically have about 85-90 percent occupancy on the buses,” Patrick said.

With a background in culinary arts and management, Patrick says Tap Hopper Tours is really about hospitality and service.

“What we offer is not just beer. At each location we visit, you will learn their history and background. The beauty of Greensboro is all the breweries are close, so our patrons aren’t on the bus the entire time. They have more time to spend at the facilities,” added Patrick.

Participants get insightful tours of the actual production facilities, taste samples of year-round and seasonal creations, and have the opportunity to purchase more beer to take home. The tour is paced to allow everyone to rub elbows with other beer lovers at each location.

Niels says that the next expansion will be to purchase a second bus to make two tours instead of one each weekend. “Greensboro has crafted a beer culture and it’s allowing us to grow. That’s the amazing part about what we’re doing.”

Tap Hopper Tours picks up passengers at World of Beer and currently works with Natty Greene’s, Preyer, Pig Pounder, Joymongers, Beerthirty Crafts on Tap and the Greensboro Distilling Company for tours.

“We’ve been in business for about eight months. Our roots are growing and we are looking forward to becoming a larger part of the vibrancy of Greensboro,” said Niels.


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