“It’s incredibly exciting to help shape what people will be driving or using in the future.”

Brent Wickham, 45, Design Manager

Brent Wickham spends his days with Technicon Design’s Greensboro branch helping design and create products that most people won’t see for years to come.

“It’s incredibly exciting to help shape what people will be driving or using in the future.”

Brent, a California native, came to Greensboro in 2013 when Technicon opened an office to support Volvo Trucks.

“The whole region has so much potential. There is a great deal of manufacturing already here and the aviation industry is really growing and developing. All this and the great quality of life helps make Greensboro a great place to live and work.”

At Technicon, Brent and his team provide design services and support for the transportation industry, such as digital modeling, engineering, visualization and animations. His group works with automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Brent’s passion for science and technology began as a child. “I spent my time sketching and taking apart toys and reusing the pieces to glue together new toys. But it was when a friend of the family gave me a book about technology and the future while I was in Junior High that changed everything. There was a small section in the book about automotive design and it had a photo of two students at Art Center College of Design doing a tape drawing of a car. I knew right then that’s what I wanted to do.”

Moving forward, Brent would like to use his experience and knowledge to help others who have not had the same opportunities that he’s had. “I would like to help expose young people to the worlds of art, science, technology and design. I want to be a part of helping put Greensboro on the map as a place of innovation. We need to find a way to continue to develop opportunities for young people.”

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