“Seeing Greensboro come together and create art is a beautiful thing.”

Paige Cox, 45, Artist & Entrepreneur

Greensboro artist Paige Cox, and her company Reconsidered Goods, focuses on reusing everything from fabric to metal hardware to boxes of film reels for artistic pursuits.

Anyone can pop in to the store located at 2805 Patterson Street to look for that hard-to-find, affordable material that is just what they need to finish a project. Or browse for some inspiration to start a new one.

After a career in display and merchandising with Anthropologie, Cox had an idea for a scrap exchange. “I reached out to The Scrap Exchange in Durham and attended one of their 4-day boot camps. Ready to take out on my own, I partnered with Martha Hughes-James and Joseph Edwards to put together a business plan to bring this to life.” We wanted an organization that focused on community outreach and giving back to the community.

Reconsidered Goods was born. Through a spark fund grant from Action Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Inc., Reconsidered Goods opened a pop up shop in Downtown Greensboro during the weekends in April. “This gave us great exposure and helped us gain a following from the community.”

“We reached out to manufacturers and businesses for donations and they have been vital to helping us get started. This is key because we want to sell things inexpensively so people can really reuse them.”

“The response we’ve gotten from the community has been so great! Once they get into the building, they get it.”

Reconsidered Goods has now received its 501(c)3 status, meaning donors are now eligible for a tax deduction for the value of the items they donate. Volunteers come out and help run the store. “Seeing Greensboro come together and create art is a beautiful thing.”

“Come in and find foam, paper, fabric, zippers, buttons, test tubes and more! Our collection will grow as we accept vintage goodies and other unique items.”

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