“I’ve always been really in love with nature.”

 Jenny Kimmel, 30, nature nurturer

Growing up on Pine Trough Branch Farm, gardening has always been a part of Jenny Kimmel’s life.

“My dad would always try to get me to work in the garden,” Jenny says.

Jenny still works around the family farm – and she shares her love of gardening with the kids at the Greensboro Montessori School as the school’s Land Lab coordinator.

10_pv_MIG_j_kimmelBC8U1983Jenny is an expert in permaculture – a system of agriculture that echoes the processes found in natural ecosystems. She teaches her students the fundamentals of gardening. Under her guidance, students are able to do everything from harvest rice to make tea with fresh herbs.

“I love it personally because I love nature and interacting with it,” Jenny says. “It’s given me so much joy, and to give that gift to students is really special.”

11_pv_MIG_j_kimmelBC8U2020Jenny will soon be moving back to the farm, where she plans to live in a 26-foot diameter tepee made of sustainable materials while her new house is being built.

You’ll be able to catch her at the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market. Jenny loves that her favorite thing to grow can always change. “That’s the fun part of gardening. Every season it changes.”07_pv_MIG_j_kimmelBC8U1805-2


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