“The idea was to make it goofy.”

Charles Wade, 29, toy maker

Helper Bot, Dancemaster and <3 were born in Greensboro.

They are the quirky cute creations of 29-year-old Charles Wade.

Charles uses his computer and a laser to design the robot toys from sheets of bamboo. He has turned this hobby into a business, called RoboMustache, with the help of the Triad Startup Lab, a program that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Charles Wade and his robots, Wednesday, October 21, 2015, in Greensboro, N.C. JERRY WOLFORD and SCOTT MUTHERSBAUGH / Perfecta Visuals By utilizing his graphic design skills, the Triad Startup Lab and a creative imagination, Charles Wade has created a world surrounding RoboMustache, a company that creates small, bamboo robots cut with a laser.    The story begins with Wade finding RoboMustache in an abandoned factory, where RoboMustache eventually comes to life, helping to create other robots alongside Wade. “Each robot is a piece of the puzzle,” says Wade. "I want to leave it up to the reader to fill in little gaps."    Using quirky, fun instructions, given by the Helper Bot, people of all ages can also build their own robots and make a world of their own. These robots have made appearances at maker fairs across the East Coast, from the Maker Faire Atlanta to the World Make Faire in Queens, New York. 
He’s built an entire toy robot universe for his brand, including a backstory about a robot named RoboMustache who helps Charles create the rest of the robots.

‘The idea was to make it goofy, to relate to the goofy and light-hearted robots,” Charles says.

003_pv_MIG_charles_wade_BC8U6097Charles plans to sell kits that allow others to put together the same robots. He wants others to be able to use their imaginations in order to create their own world with the robots.

He’s been traveling around to maker faires this year, and launched a Kickstarter campaign soon this month.

“I want to be able to inspire others,” Charles says.006_pv_MIG_charles_wade_BC8U6022


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