“Globally inspired, with a nod to my southern roots.”

Kristina Fuller, 31, making mmmmmmm

It started with experimentation.

Kristina Fuller, 31, owned a fine-dining restaurant, the Bistro at Adam’s Farm, with her mother. But she loved ginning up off-the-wall taco appetizers.

“I had fun coming up with funky things to do with the tacos,” Kristina says.

That’s how Crafted: The Art of the Taco was born.

It’s a place she is still trying funky combos, like the Big Truck, a tender pulled pork and Mac and Cheese taco she threw together one day when she was hungry and those were the only two things ready in the restaurant.

And now Kristina’s got another baby, her newest restaurant Crafted: The Art of Street Food. It’s got a rotating menu of small plates from around the word. They’re all spicy, hot and delicious.
“If I had to put a name to it, I would call my food globally inspired with a nod to my southern roots,” Kristina says. Every dish seems to be a perfect balance of sweet, savory and spice.

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