“I love being a business owner in Greensboro.”

Christina Brown, 45, Ceramic Artist

There is an old saying that says ‘Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Greensboro artist Christina Brown lives this.

“I want to do what I love, while spending as much time as possible with my family.”

Christina, 45, has always been interested in art. She took pottery classes when she was younger, then started making beaded jewelry and got interested in raku beads.

She also sold pottery, jewelry and more at Just Be, a quirky boutique in downtown Greensboro, before selling the shop after six years. That’s when Christina returned to UNC-Greensboro to pursue her passion for pottery.

Now, Christina focuses solely on pottery. In November 2016 Christina opened a brick-and-mortar shop, Moonbird Pottery on Spring Garden Street, right next to Spring Garden Bakery, a shop she and her husband Tim have previously owned.

“I love the endless possibilities creativity brings. I enjoy thinking about where my pieces will go, who will hold them, drink from them, and what conversations they will be privy to at dinner tables amongst friends.”

Birds and flowers find their way into many of Christina’s new pieces.

“I’m also really inspired by textiles and eastern designs, boho vibes, Mexican folk art and even Picasso – he had such a loose design.”

Christina likes to focus on Artistic • Soulful • Living at Moonbird. In addition to her shop, you can also check out Moonbird Pottery Studio – a handmade gift shop filled with inspired gifts for the mind, body and spirit. Moonbird Pottery also hosts an Annual Spring Art Show in Lindley Park called Art in the Yard.

Christina has a passion for connecting and inspiring women. After teaching English in Kazakstan, Christina came back wanting to help employ refuge women. As her business has grown, she’s been able to employ Myo Pan, a refuge woman she connected with through Church World Services. “Myo Pan has been with me, helping make pottery for about a year and a half.”

You can find Christina’s pieces not only at her shop on Spring Garden, but in galleries throughout the US. West Elm furniture has contacted Christina to be a local artist at its Greensboro location in the Friendly Shopping Center. Of course, you can also purchase Moonbird Pottery on its online shop. Orders are currently shipping out across the country.

“I love being a business owner in Greensboro. Greensboro really supports the arts and local artist. It’s a lot of work owning your own business, but I love it. I love the process of creating art and being connected with people. I think that’s what art is all about.”

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