“My favorite projects are the ones that make me think outside of the box.”

Pam Frye, 43, Home Restorer and Builder

 Pam Frye, 43, was raised in Carthage, North Carolina, but feels like she actually grew up in Greensboro.

In the late 1990s, Pam started working with Dawn Chaney and Chaney Properties restoring and leasing historic buildings throughout Greensboro. In 2005, Pam obtained her contractor’s license to begin performing the restoration work herself.

“Meeting and having Dawn Chaney as my mentor has meant the world to me. She helped me realize that working with existing structures is really salvaging a piece of Greensboro. Rather than build something new, you can help preserve neighborhoods and communities.”

Since her time with Chaney Properties, Pam has started her own company. Frye Build + Design is a general contracting firm known for bringing life into old spaces.

“I felt like Greensboro was a place with a lot of opportunity. Greensboro is my second home.”

“My favorite projects are the ones that make me think outside of the box. I really enjoy working with a structure with some age and character that challenge me and give me the chance to problem solve.”

What makes Frye Build + Design special is the relationship Pam and her team build with their clients. The company is a diverse group that works well together and represents the community well. In all, Frye Build + Design is currently working in six different Greensboro neighborhoods and has performed work in approximately 75 homes and buildings in town.

“I work with a lot of great people, from my main team to 20-plus sub-contractors on a daily basis. This line of work is a little like organized chaos, but I love it.”

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