“Working with amazing people is the best part of my job.”

John King, 47, CEO

In 1939, a young man named James A. King moved his family from Charlotte to Greensboro and founded J.A. King. Its first location was in downtown Greensboro on Davie Street.

Today, J.A. King has a team of more than 400 located in 16 states throughout the Southeast and Midwest and is the fastest growing calibration and precision measurement company in North America. “We value our clients and our job is to figure what they want.”

John King, 47, is a third generation CEO of J.A. King, took over in 1999 from his father. He originally moved to Wisconsin after college with his wife, but “Dad wanted the business to remain within the family, so we came back to Greensboro. It was the best decision I ever made.”

Nissan, BMW and R.J. Reynolds have all outsourced their inspections to J.A. King. The company now provides all the calibration and equipment repair needed.

With a successful business, John could settle the company in nearly any city he chooses, but he keeps it here because “we have deep roots in Greensboro.” In fact, the Jim King Pond was named in honor of his Grandfather.

“Working with amazing people is the best part of my job. The constant upgrades in technology and innovation keep it fresh.”


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