About Made in Greensboro

We are Greensboro, North Carolina. We are the city of makers.

We design, build, create. We roll up our sleeves. We get our hands dirty. We get it done. We make it happen.

Made in Greensboro celebrates those makers — the entrepreneurs, the artists, the community builders, the next generation of leaders.

Made in Greensboro is an initiative of Action Greensboro and the City of Greensboro.

About the photographers

All the makers were photographed by Scott Muthersbaugh and Jerry Wolford of Perfecta Visuals, a commercial photo studio based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

They’re Made In Greensboro, too.

Both Jerry and Scott worked as photojournalists for local newspapers before founding Perfecta. They love opportunities to capture where people live, work and are passionate about things that matter to them.

Among numerous other awards, both Jerry and Scott have been named as the North Carolina Press Association Hugh Morton Photographer of the Year and Jerry is the reigning National Press Photographers Association Photographer of the Year.

About Action Greensboro

Action Greensboro is a nonprofit that champions projects aimed at enhancing the city’s quality of life, civic engagement, and educational advancement and attracting and retaining young people in Greensboro.

About City of Greensboro

The City of Greensboro works with the community to improve the quality of life for residents through inclusion, diversity and trust. As the third largest city in North Carolina, Greensboro employs a professional staff of approximately 3,000 who maintain the values of honesty, stewardship and respect.  The City is governed by a council-manager form of government with a mayor and eight council members. For more information on the City, visit www.greensboro-nc.gov or call 336-373-CITY (2489).